SQL Sync For Actionstep

Automate the download and extraction nightly of your Actionstep data to an SQL Database


  • Nightly automation
  • Retrieval of your Actionstep data
  • Unzip data
  • Writing the data to an SQL database accessible to you
  • Azure Hosted Database in your data region included*
  • Daily Success/Fail notification via email

*Optionally hosted by you

Actionstep SQL extraction must be enabled by Actionstep support for your database. Please note Actionstep charge a cost for this per month.

What can I use this for?

  • Custom Reports from Excel 
  • Custom Visual reports with tools such as Power BI

What data is included?

  • All matter related data
  • All Custom data on the matter
  • All Matter participant information
  • All Billing Information (Invoices)
  • All Billing Allocation information

Cost of Sync from Konekta

The cost is $125 inc GST per month by credit card.  This includes the cost of Konekta managing an Azure Hosted database.

How to get started

Simply complete this form to get started