Konekta have  completed an exclusive new integration between Actionstep and Secure Exchange! This allows Actionstep users to quickly and securely create a new workspace in Secure Exchange without ever having to enter the same data twice!

What is Securexchange?

Securexchange is the first and only one of its kind. It is the only digital product that holistically solves traditional property transaction challenges; manual handling, lack of transparency, lack of security, lack of efficiency and lack of automation. You now have flexibility, which is increasingly important.    All parties in the transaction can complete the property journey on one secure platform. Confidential financial information and private documents can be shared and exchanged with ease, whilst mitigating the risk of hacking and cyber fraud. Regardless of restrictions, you and consumer’s transactional relationship can continue. This service is unrivalled in the industry.    

Youtube Link https://youtu.be/VxEMhuK088Q     Registration https://bit.ly/2XT8TTI

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