“Completing my client’s Client Authorisation form and verification of identity has never been so easy using eCAF with Livesign through Konekta.”


“If only the whole conveyancing protocol could be as user friendly as using eCAF with Livesign through Konekta.  Just a simply click and my client can sign their Client Authorisation form and complete verification of identity all through one app.”


“Such an amazing cost effective way of getting a client to complete their verification of identity and sign their Client Authorisation form #eCAFwithLivesignthroughKonekta #wayofthefuture.”

Demo Video HERE

The Konekta - liveSign integration pushes the required Actionstep matter data to eCAF which then initiates  a contactless digital Client Authorisation Form (CAF) with simultaneous Verification of Identity (VOI). 

Konekta then works seamlessly with liveSign to take your client through the VOI process and enable you to complete and submit the Client Authorisation Form (CAF). 

- Compliant digital CAF & VOI, available anywhere, anytime

- Easier, Faster, Safer

 - Single point in time digital CAF & VOI reasonable steps