'Email To SMS' Konekta for Actionstep

Combining the power of Actionstep Email templates and the Konekta SMS Gateway

Any way you can send an email from Actionstep you can now send an SMS. 

Using the Power of Actionstep automation you can merge any matter based information into the SMS which allows a fully tailored SMS message to your clients.

Send an automatic SMS

  • To your clients when you open a new file
  • To your clients when a lawyer has been assigned to their file
  • On Task due dates as reminders
  • On Task completion
  • On workflow step changes

Send a Manual SMS

  • Using the Compose Email screen from Actionstep you can send an SMS

Email Replies 

  • All replies are returned to any person i.e. Matter Assigned to as an email

Advanced features

  • Conditional sending (Stop/Go) based on Actionstep conditional logic, i.e. don't send the automated message as the message is now out of date
  • Configurable with Time Zone settings i.e. send at 9am Perth time even if you are in Sydney
  • SMS Management portal to manage your sending
  • Custom Virtual phone numbers to choose what mobile number the SMS's are sent from

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