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Konekta is a middleware platform that connects third party software with Actionstep. Konekta also offers a range of plug ins for Actionstep users for conveyancing, family law and Community Law Centres. Other core features include data syncing and backup plus an SMS client communication portal.

11% of all Australian property transactions settle via Konekta and Actionstep

(Source: PEXA digital property settlement data)

Market leading integrations - PEXA, InfoTrack, Dye & Durham, First Title, Secure Exchange, Perfect Portal and more to come!

Complete range of fully updated Property Forms, Templates and Precedents

Our Current Products & Integrations with 


The  Conveyancing Add-on for Actionstep, which is used by over 150 firms is a conveyancing template for Actionstep that gives you incredible control over every stage of your sale, purchase and transfer transactions.

Specifically designed to work within Actionstep, you will have access to a powerful range of features to streamline your conveyancing.

Includes the following Integrations

Email to SMS

Any Actionstep email or email template can now be sent as an SMS

Link your email template to Task due date, Task complete, a workflow step change to fully automate the delivery of SMS to your Clients, Brokers, Agents.

Safe Custody

Record the storage of valuable items in actionstep.

Create single or multiple Safe Custody packets for a client, with the ability to track each individual item separately.

The workflow provides the ability to record the temporary removal and return of items in the safe custody add-on.

Actionstep Data Sync

Need to do custom reporting? Then the Data Sync service is for you.

Automate the extraction of data from Actionstep's Data Export Service a Database for a range of uses such as Custom Reporting.



Put your clients at the center of everything you do with the QuickFee Konekta Actionstep integration!

Konekta have built an integration with QuickFee Instalments that makes it easier for you to take control of your cash flow. You can now manage your practice and accept flexible payments with QuickFee and Actionstep.