"Since we started using the new Actionstep integration with PEXA, it’s provided us pretty significant time savings per matter. It’s also given us the confidence that once we have captured the correct client data in the matter, this will flow through to the PEXA workspace without us having to re-key the same information and eradicating keying error worries. We recommend any Actionstep user working on property matters gives it go, they won’t be disappointed!”

Chris Collinge - Managing Director - By the Rules

Live now:

  • Create your PEXA Workspace from Actionstep with validation and prefilling of data from your matter
  • Set and maintain settlement date
  • Invite Subscribers
  • Show Workspace Summary
  • Open PEXA workspace in PEXA

Coming soon:

  • Notifications Management - read notifications within the PEXA Konekta rather than jumping out to PEXA
  • Invite Management - accept invites 
  • Konekta Audit Trail
    • Tracks all actions  performed by users within Konekta
    • Monitors the automation that Konekta performs on behalf of the user

Click here to learn in 3 steps how to turn Konekta on.