SQL Sync For Actionstep

Automate the download and extraction nightly of your Actionstep data to an SQL Database


  • Nightly automation
  • Retrieval of your Actionstep data
  • Unzip data
  • Writing the data to an SQL database accessible to you
  • Azure Hosted Database in your data region included*
  • Daily Success/Fail notification via email

*Optionally hosted by you

Actionstep SQL extraction must be enabled by Actionstep support for your database. Please note Actionstep charge a cost for this per month.

What can I use this for?

  • Custom Reports from Excel 
  • Custom Visual reports with tools such as Power BI

What data is included?

  • All matter related data
  • All Custom data on the matter
  • All Matter participant information
  • All Billing Information (Invoices)
  • All Billing Allocation information

Cost of Sync from Konekta

The cost is $125 inc GST per month by credit card.  This includes the cost of Konekta managing an Azure Hosted database.

How to get started

Simply enable Konekta from within Actionstep Admin screens under 'Integrations'