GlobalX Integration  for Actionstep

GlobalX is fully integrated into your Actionstep matter via the 'Konekta' menu 

GlobalX's is a very simple and easy to use search and information broker service for your Property, company, business and regulatory information

Konekta combines Actionstep and GlobalX in a more efficient and accurate manner to pull  your matter information and pre-populate the GlobalX Search form.

Your search result will be automatically returned to your Actionstep matter as a PDF and also as a billable disbursement. 

Ready to use the GlobalX 'Konekta' for Actionstep?
If you have an account with GlobalX then you are ready to start using Konekta simply 'Click here' to link you GlobalX Account.

If you dont have an account and want to switch to GlobalX please 'Click here' to contact us to start the process.