Templates and forms

Template and Forms

The conveyancing Add on includes a complete range of automated templates.

These templates and forms are fully coded for Actionstep to save time and effort and improve accuracy in generating your documents.

Forms, Templates & Precedents included

Includes conveyancing forms, such as:

  • Discharge Forms
  • RTA Forms
  • BCCM Forms
  • QLD OSR Forms
  • REIQ Forms
  • Land Titles Forms
  • QLD Lexon Templates (Available soon)
  • Customisable Communication templates - letters to Agents, Brokers, other side etc





Lexon Template (QLD Only)

Whilst the current communication templates included the 'Conveyancing Konekta for Actionstep' are 'based' on Lexon templates they are slightly modified to be simpler for client understanding.

Our team are busy building all the Lexon Templates so you can optionally have these added to your system if you choose to.

Available Soon

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